Terms of Service


The Terms of Membership, in regards to DataHunt Co., Ltd (“the Company” or “DataHunt” from hereon) membership, are meant to define the rights, responsibilities of the Company and its members and othernecessary matters.


The terms used in this Terms of Membership are defined as below.

①”Service” refers to any type of service, regardless of the type of device used (including all wired and wireless devices such as PCs, TVs, mobile phones, etc.), that enables the Member to partake in work performed by the Company including but not limited to data annotation (image, text, audio, video processing, etc.) work(“the work” from hereon).

②”Member” refers to users who access the Company’s Services to perform the Work on behalf of the Company according to the Terms of Use.

③”ID” refers to the email address chosen by the Member and approved by the Company used to identify the Member and access the Services.

④”Password” refers to the combination of characters or numbers chosen by the Member to secure and confirm that the Member is the Member that uses a given “ID”.

⑤”Point” refers to virtual data on the Service with no material value that the Company can unilaterally appraise, distribute, and alter as compensation for work performed.

⑥ “Post” refers to any type of files and hyper-links including photos, videos and other files including, without limitation, signs, text, sound, and images posted on the Service in the course of the Member’s utilization of the Service.


①The Company, in order to facilitate easy comprehension of the Member, shall post the contents of this Terms of Membership on the initial screen of the Service.

②The Company may amend this Terms of Membership provided that such action does not violate the “ACT ON THE REGULATION OF TERMS AND CONDITIONS”, “ACT ON PROMOTION OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK UTILIZATION AND INFORMATION PROTECTION, ETC.” (hereinafter referred to as the “Communication Network Act”), and other pertinent laws and regulations.[법령의 순서를 한글본과 일치시키고 영문 법령명을 한국법제연구원의 영문법령 명칭을 따라 수정하였습니다.]

③When the Company make amendments to this Terms of Membership, it shall make appropriate notification, following the method pursuant to paragraph 1, from 30 days to 1 day prior to the date of such amendment’s effect, clearly stating such date and the reason for the amendment, along with the full text of standing Terms of Membership. However, in the event where such amendment will negatively affect the rights of the Member , the Company shall make additional, clear notification of that fact through electronic means such as email, web notifications posted in the Service or an agreement window during the log-in procedure.

④In the event where the Member does not express his/her intention to refuse the amended terms of use, provided that the Company has clearly notified the Member that the lack of expressing refusal of the amended terms of use within the 30-day period shall be construed as an implied agreement to it, the Member’s lack of expression shall be treated as such.

⑤In the event where the Member has disagreed with the application of the amended terms of use, the Company may not apply the terms of use as amended and the Member may terminate the agreement. However, in the event where special circumstances prevent the Company from applying the original Terms of Membership, the Company may terminate the agreement.


Any matters or interpretations not expressly stated or delineated herein shall be based on pertinent laws and regulations, and industry precedents.


①The service agreement shall be signed and construed as being in effect after an individual with the intention of becoming a Member (hereinafter referred to as “Prospective Member”) agrees to the Terms of Membership, completes the membership application process, and the Company approves the Prospective Member’s application.

②The Company shall, in principle, approve the Prospective Member’s membership application. However, the Company may refuse to approve a membership application or terminate the service agreement in following cases:

  1. The Prospective Member has already had his/her membership revoked, unless the Company has specifically approved his/her re-application.
  2. The Prospective Member has failed to provide his/her legal name or has used a name belonging to someone else
  3. The Prospective Member has provided false information or failed to provide the information required by the Company.
  4. The Prospective Member is below the age of 14 and has failed to obtain consent from his/her legal guardian (e.g. parents)
  5. The Company is unable to approve the membership application by reasons attributable to the Prospective Member, or if the Prospective Member has violated the terms and clauses delineated elsewhere.

③Following the membership application in accordance with paragraph 1, the Company, depending on the type of membership sought, may request the certification of the Prospective Member’s identity through a professional entity.

④The Company may delay the approval of membership application when limited by the insufficient infrastructure, as well as technical and/or operational issues.

⑤In the event the Company has declined or delayed the approval of membership application pursuant to paragraphs 2 and 4, the Company shall notify the Prospective Member under ordinary conditions.

⑥The date of service agreement’s effect shall be the date when the Company changes the status of membership application to “complete”.

⑦The Company, pursuant to its policy, may allocate Members into different tiers and may provide differing access to the Service, controlling such factors as access longevity, frequency, and types of services offered.

⑧The Company, in order to comply with content ratings pursuant to the “PROMOTION OF THE MOTION PICTURES AND VIDEO PRODUCTS ACT” and the “YOUTH PROTECTION ACT”, may restrict access to certain parts of the Service to the Member.


①The Member may access and make changes to his/her personal data through the member information page at any time. However, information crucial to the operation and management of the Service, such as ID, may not be changed.

②The Member, in the event where information provided during the course of membership application is changed, shall make appropriate changes to his/her membership data online or notify the Company of such change through e-mail or other means.

③The Company shall not be held liable for any damages or costs incurred from failure of Member to notify the changes pursuant to paragraph 2.


The Company shall strive to protect the Member’s personal data pursuant to the Communication Network Act and other pertinent laws and regulations. The Company’s personal data policy shall apply to the protection and use of personal data. However, the Company’s personal data policy does not apply to any hyper-linked website other than the official website of the Company.


①The Member shall be responsible for managing his/her ID and Password, and shall not allow a third party to make use of them.

②The Company may limit the use of an ID in the event where the ID may cause a disclosure of personal data, cause the Member to be confused with the Company or its representatives, or is otherwise antisocial or in violation of good public morals.

③The Member, when made aware of any unauthorized uses of his/her ID and Password, shall expressly notify the Company and follow its instructions.

④In the event described in paragraph 3, the Company shall not be held liable for any damages or costs incurred from the Member’s failure to notify the Company or failure to follow its instructions after notifying the Company.


①In the event where the Company must make notifications to the Member, the Company may do so by using methods such as e-mail or web notification, unless specified otherwise herein.

②In the event where the Company must make notifications to all of the Members, it may replace individual notifications with a single notification on its webpage for more than 7 days.


①The Company shall not engage in acts that is prohibited by pertinent laws and this Terms of Membership, as well as acts that are against good public morals. It shall strive to provide continuous and stable service to its Members.

②The Company shall provide basic data and guidelines regarding the contents and process of the work to be performed but will not command or direct the execution of the work, while the Member may choose the place and time of work at his/her own discretion.

③The Company, in order to provide a safe environment for the Member, shall establish and maintain security systems and measures, including, without limitation, measures to safeguard personal data (including credit information), and shall post its personal data policy and abide by it.

④The Company shall properly process opinions and complaints raised by the Member that are deemed just. The Company shall follow up with the Member regarding the opinions and complaints raised by him/her through message boards and/or e-mail.

⑤The Company shall pay commission to Members who participate in the performance of the work according to stipulations and the commission payout can be follow the process of being initially paid out in the form of points and later withdrawn as cash.


①The Member shall not engage in following acts.

  1. Providing false information during the course of membership application or change of member information
  2. Privacy and identity theft. Changing information posted by the Company
  3. Transmitting or posting information other than those specified (computer program, etc) by the Company
  4. Infringing on intellectual property rights of the Company or a third party
  5. Libeling the Company or third party or otherwise causing disruptions to its operation
  6. Posting or disclosing obscene or violent message, image, and/or audio, or information that is otherwise detrimental to good public morals on the Service
  7. Using the Service for profit making purposes without the approval of the Company
  8. Other illegal or unjust acts.

②The Member shall fulfill the work according to the work guidelines and must complete the work within a given time period. ③The Company can request a re-do of the work upon unsatisfactory appraisal according to the work guideline and the Member must oblige the said request by re-doing the work.

④The Member shall abide by pertinent laws, this Terms of Membership, use guide, notice posted in connection of the use of Service, and other notifications made by the Company, and shall not engage in acts that are disruptive of the Company’s operations.

⑤In the case that the Member engages in mail order or mail order brokerage as a means of livelihood via café or blog services, he or she must abide by responsibilities defined by “ACT ON THE CONSUMER PROTECTION IN ELECTRONIC COMMERCE, ETC.” and the Company may define related content in separate terms of use or policies.


①The Service shall be provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in principle.

②The Company may temporarily cease its provision of service, provided that there are operationally significant reasons to do so, such as communications blackout, as well as maintenance, replacement, and malfunction of communications and networking equipments. In such event, the Company shall notify the Member using methods pursuant to SECTION 9. However, the Company may notify the Member at a later time, provided that there are reasonable causes that prevent advance notification.

③The Company, when deemed necessary for continuous provision of Service, may conduct scheduled maintenance, which shall be consistent with the schedule posted on the Service webpage.


①The Company, reflecting operational and technical necessity, may make changes to the Service in part or in whole, provided that there are reasonable causes to do so.

②In the event where changes to the Service’s contents, methods of use, and access times are made, the Company must post the pertinent information including the reasons for the changes, details of the Service subject to changes, and date of effect on the appropriate Service’s initial screen.

③The Company, when deemed necessary for operational and policy reasons, may modify, suspend, or change the freely provided Service in part or in full, and makes no separate compensations to the Member unless otherwise specifically stated in pertinent laws and regulations.


①The Company may provide, via website notification page or e-mail, to the Member various of information that is deemed to be necessary during the use of Service. However, the Member may refuse to receive e-mails of such nature at any time, barring transaction information in accordance with pertinent laws or answers to customer inquiry.

②The Company must obtain prior approval of the Member in the event where the Company wishes to transmit information described in paragraph 1 to him/her through telephone or facsimile. Exceptions shall be made for transaction information in accordance with pertinent laws and answers to customer inquiry.

③The Company may post advertisements to the Service screen, webpage, and e-mail. A Member in receipt of an e-mail with adverts may request the Company to cease sending such e-mails.

④ The users(includes members and non-members) shall not modify, change, or restrict posts and other information related to the Service provided by the Company.


①The copyright of Posts within the Service by the member shall be held by the author.

②The Posts made to the Service by the Member may be exposed to search engine inquiry and Service promotion, and may also be modified, changed, and/or edited as necessary in order to preserve the integrity of online search results and Service promotion. In such event, the Company shall abide by “COPYRIGHT ACT”, and the Member may delete or hide such Posts using the admin function within the Service or the help desk.

③The Company shall obtain prior approval from the Member when intending to use a post made by him/her for purposes other than those specified on paragraph.


①The administrator may request to the Company that a “post” made by the Member that is in violation of the Communications Network Act and/or “COPYRIGHT ACT” be censured, and the Company shall respond pursuant to pertinent laws and regulations.

②The Company, when the Post stands in violation of the Company’s policies and pertinent laws, may place the post under censure, even in the absence of administrator request.

③Specific procedures pursuant to this section shall follow “Request for post deletion service” set by the Company within the boundaries of Communications Network Act and/or “COPYRIGHT ACT”. [회사가 웹사이트상 ‘게시중단요청서비스’를 운영하고 있는지 확인해볼 필요가 있겠습니다. 법령을 위반한 게시물의 삭제 처리는 정보통신망법 등 관련 법령을 따라 진행할 수 있기 때문에, 위 서비스항목을 별도로 운영할 계획이 없다면 본 항을 굳이 유지할 필요는 없다고 생각됩니다.]


①All copyrights and intellectual property rights pertaining to the Service shall be owned by the Company. However, Posts made by the Member and intellectual property provided under the partnership agreement shall be exempt.

②The Company only provides ownership of access rights specified in the Terms of Membership determined by the Company such as membership accounts, contents, and points to the Member, and the Member shall not transfer, sell, or provide as collateral his/her ownership to a third party.


The Company, in order to facilitate effective usage and operation of the Service, may modify the Points granted to the Member in part or in full, and the Points may periodically expire at the end of specific time period designated by the Company.


①The Member may request the termination of service agreement through the customer service center or member information management menu, and the Company shall expressly process such requests pursuant to pertinent laws and regulations.

②In the event where the Member terminates the service agreement, all data pertaining to the Member, barring any information which must be held by the Company pursuant to pertinent laws and regulations as well as the Company’s personal data policy, shall be expired and deleted.

③In the event where the Member terminates the service agreement, all Posts made under the Member’s account, such as individual projects, shall be deleted. However, any Post made on shared message boards and those re-posted elsewhere within the Service will not be automatically deleted. Any Member wishing to terminate his/her service agreement is advised to delete such Posts him/herself or make delete request to the Company prior to terminating his/her agreement. In connection to the above, any Post not under the ownership of the Member or under shared ownership with the others may not be deleted.


①In the event where the Member has breached his/her obligations herein or otherwise disrupts normal operation of the Service, the Company may censure his/her access to the Service using measures such as warning, suspension, and termination.

②Notwithstanding the above, in the event where the Member has committed acts that violate pertinent laws and regulations, such as illegally using others’ names or payment information in violation of the “RESIDENT REGISTRATION ACT”, providing illegal programs to the others or disrupting the Company’s operations in violation of “COPYRIGHT ACT”, or engaging in illegal communications, hacking, distribution of malware, and abuse of access rights in violation of the “Communications Network Act,” the Company may immediately terminate such Member’s membership. In the event of termination pursuant to this paragraph, all Points and other benefits acquired through the use of the Service will expire, and the Company is not responsible for making any sorts of compensation for such.

③The Company, in the event where the Member does not sign-in to his/her account for more than 3 months, may restrict the access of such account in order to protect personal data and ensure effective operation.

④The conditions for and details of such censure shall be as defined in the restriction policy on use and the operation policy on each service.

⑤In the event where the Member’s access is restricted, censured, or the Member has terminated his/her agreement, the Company shall notify the Member pursuant to SECTION 9.

⑥The Member may file an objection, pursuant to procedures designated by the Company, on restrictions, censures, and other measures in this section. The Company, should it determine that the Member’s objection hold merit, shall immediately restore the Member’s access to its original condition.


①The Company shall not be held liable for service interruptions and failures due to acts of god and/or equivalent force majeure.

②The Company shall not be held liable for service interruptions due to reasons attributable to the Member.

③The Company is not responsible for reliability, accuracy and other aspects of information, materials, and facts posted by the Member in connection with the Service.

④The Company shall not be held liable for any consequences of transactions and similar interactions through the Service between Members or between Member and a third party.


①Any legal action taken between the Company and the Member shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Korea.

②Any legal action taken in connection with disputes between the Company and the Member, shall be under the jurisdiction of the district court determined by the “CIVIL PROCEDURE ACT”

③Notwithstanding the above, in the case that the Member resides abroad, any legal action taken in connection with disputes between the Company and the Member shall be under the jurisdiction of the Seoul Central District Court.

DataHunt Co., Ltd

These Terms of Membership are effective as of April 29, 2020.