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Company Values
Company Value 1
Aligned and Accountable
Every member of the Datahunt team is an owner and works towards a common goal. We believe that talent and agency combined with directionality produces optimal performance.
Company Value 2
Breaking Barriers
Our goal is to make AI easily and quickly accessible to all. We strategize and execute so that we can make things that were previously impossible a reality.
Company Value 3
Client Centric
AI is industry agnostic just like our clients. We focus on our clients’ problems and needs to formulate original solutions to novel problems.
Company Value 4
Data Driven
Every decision is substantiated by material data. Our processes are testament to our data driven approach and our products prove the effectiveness of our processes.
  • Q1
    What kind of growth have you experienced at Datahunt?
    I’ve learned a lot from having to address problems across various domains through modeling and data. Also, I was able to experience the power of efficient and proactive communication in solving such problems.
    AI Engineer
    Suho Cho
  • Q2
    How do you think Datahunt helps your career?
    Being part of the larger global company that Fiscalnote is and having global clients has helped develop my AI related expertise to a new standard and has given me a wealth of experience of looking at products in new ways to improve them.
    Product Owner
    Seokjin Seo
  • Q3
    What is your top priority on the job?
    I like to focus on drawing motivation and inspiration in my work and using that to produce great results.
    B2B Manager
    Byoungjoon Min
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