Up to 60 million wonin government subsidies

Data Voucher Successful Partner

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What is the Data Voucher Project?
It is a government-funded project that supports up to 60 million won in image, video, text, and voice data construction costs for AI/service developmentbig data analysis, and data construction for startups, SMEs, small business owners,and prospective start-ups.

Support Content
Support data purchase / processing services in voucher format

Support Scale
Up to 60 million won - 'AI processing for AI development'
Up to 40 million won - 'General processing for general service development or data analysis'

Support Target
Early Midsize Business, Startups, SMEs, small business owners, and prospective entrepreneurs

Application Period
February 24th to March 29th, 2023.

For your Success

It’s not difficult with Datahunt!

Datahunt’s dedicated voucher consulting team provides A to Z support for the support process.

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Why Datahunt

Data Voucher Specialized Supply Company

Datahunt’s dedicated voucher consulting team provides A to Z support for the support process.

  • datahunt strength

    Data Voucher Business Specialist

    Dedicated team with 100+ companies’ selection know-how

    that meets the evaluation items and evaluation criteria of the data voucher business

  • datahunt strength

    Verified Data Voucher Excellent Supply Company

    4 consecutive years as an official partner of the Korea Data Voucher Industry Promotion Agency,

    selected as an excellent supply company in 2022

  • datahunt strength

    Unparalleled Quality and Technology

    Provides data with accuracy of 99% or more

    by introducing Korea’s minimum AI-assisted Annotation

  • datahunt strength

    AI Leading Company’s Autonomous Driving

    Leading companies in various industries such as IT, commerce, and consulting

    with years of collaboration experience

  • datahunt strength

Success case

Success Story with Datahunt

  • Data Construction Case

    Thanks to the data voucher support business,

    I succeeded in parking robot innovation with Datahunt

    Happy Robot
  • Data Construction Case

    Difficult marine life 3D modeling,

    I solved it through data vouchers

  • Data Construction Case

    I was overwhelmed by data solutions

    I completed it through data vouchers


Do you need a data voucher specialist partner?

We support

customized data

for all industries that need data

support dataAutonomous Driving
support dataSafety
support dataAI Service
support dataFinance
support dataIT & Portal
support dataBio
support dataEdutech
support dataManufacturing
Quality Data for Quality Insights

We build

high-quality data

at the highest level in the industry

databaseData Collection

Data Collection

Training Data CollectionLarge-scale stable crawling

Image & Video


2D Boxing / Object RecognitionSegmentationData Labeling
databaseText Analysis

Text Analysis

OCR TranscriptionKeyword ExtractionText Classification
databaseVoice Annotation

Voice Annotation

Speech-to-Text TranscriptionAudio SegmentationSpeaker Recognition and Separation

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