Life in Datahunt

Life in Datahunt.

Core Value

Great people
making great AI


Holistic Approach

We adopt a comprehensive perspective when addressing the needs of clients and team members, considering all aspects of a project or situation to ensure effective and sustainable solutions.

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Datahunt strives to make our AI services accessible and useful to a wide range of industries, applications, and clients, regardless of size or location. Our goal is to break barriers.

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Our innovative and creative solutions address the needs of your clients incorporating cutting edge technology and track record of success. We continuously adapt and evolve our offerings to stay ahead in the ever-changing AI landscape.

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The Company operates with openness and clear communication, ensuring that clients and team members are well-informed and involved in the decision-making process. Our platform is designed so that users have access to data at will. We share both successes and challenges honestly.

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What Members Say

We're a team of passionate people who are breaking down barriers to
AI adoption and growing the AI ecosystem with high-quality AI training data.
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How do you think Datahunt helps your career?

Being part of the larger global company that Fiscalnote is and having global clients has helped develop my AI related expertise to a new standard and has given me a wealth of experience of looking at products in new ways to improve them.

Seokjin Seo
Product Manager
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“What kind of growth have you experienced at Datahunt?”

I’ve learned a lot from having to address problems across various domains through modeling and data. Also, I was able to experience the power of efficient and proactive communication in solving such problems.

Suho Cho
AI Engineer
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What is your top priority on the job?

I like to focus on drawing motivation and inspiration in my work and using that to produce great results.

Byoungjoon Min
Biz Team Lead
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"What was my impression of the DataHunt crew?"

I think our crew is a group of people who are interested in the people of their coworkers, the small issues within the company, and creating a fun work culture together.

Sojeong Park
UX/UI Designer
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