2023 AI voucher support project

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with Datahunt

Government subsidies of up to 300 million won to companies that need to apply AI solutions!

Datahunt supports the establishment of customized AI solutions for demand companies!

What is the AI voucher business?

The 2023 AI voucher support project issues vouchers of up to 300 million won to companies in need of applying AI solutions

It is a business that allows suppliers to purchase and utilize AI solutions.

Support targetSmall and medium-sized enterprises/ventures/medium-sized enterprises in Korea, medical institutions under the Medical Law
Support scaleUp to 300 million won per project
Project period2023. 04. 01 ~ 2023. 10. 31.
Application periodmid-January 2023 (re-announcement in case of further notice
What can I get?

It's perfect for your business environment

AI-building platform tailored to demand companies


From data collection, processing to customized model learning to deployment

We offer all-in-one services tailored to your business.


Computer vision, natural language processing models, etc

Having an AI model that can be applied to various domains


It is necessary to build an AI model through dedicated personnel for AI vouchers

From initial consultation to completing an action plan, we will share the entire journey of selecting the project.

Datahunt's possession of
Datasets and Artificial Intelligence Models
  • Image/Video Data
    Face (emotion, gender, age) recognitionVehicle recognitionPosture recognitionSpecific object detectionSpecific situation detectionBackground removalCharacter recognitionResolution enhancementColor addition and change
  • Voice Data
    Situation recognitionVoice recognition
  • Text Data
    Document classification, entity name recognitionSentence classificationDocument summaryEmotion/situation recognition
  • Industrial Data Application
    Data analysisRecommendation system
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