Beyond Information, DataHunt.

DataHunt Products

DataHunt provides bespoke solutions for a wide spectrum of use cases.

  • Image Annotation
  • Video Annotation
  • Attribute Extraction
  • Segmentation
Using 2D bounding boxes, polygons, cubes, lines and points to identify and classify objects within images according to their shapes.
    "label": "CAR",
    "minX": 0,
    "maxX": 157.125631,
    "minY": 49.965732,
    "maxY": 158.749374
    "label": "PER",
    "minX": 197.643212,
    "maxX": 221.786709,
    "minY": 101.245667,
    "maxY": 189.678439
    "label": "PER",
    "minX": 202.643212,
    "maxX": 226.786709,
    "minY": 101.245667,
    "maxY": 189.678439
    "label": "SIGN",
    "minX": 332.573891,
    "maxX": 353.857123,
    "minY": 198.123563,
    "maxY": 220.764121
    "label": "CAR",
    "minX": 550.673411,
    "maxX": 741.487346,
    "minY": 53.128531,
    "maxY": 100.127839

An AI based revolutionary data platform

A platform optimized for data accuracy and annotation needs

Tailormade DataHunter Selection

Our algorithms assign DataHunters predicated upon a deep understanding of our clients’ business needs and project specifications to deliver high quality data in the shortest amount of time possible.

Distinguished UI/UX

We provide UI/UX streamlined for project and worker needs which minimize worker fatigue and expedite work speed. DataHunt tools take up to 44% less time compared to competitors.

데이터의 정확성과 어노테이션 요구사항에 맞춤화된 플랫폼

최적화된 작업자 선정

Datahunt는 고객사와 협력하여 고객사의 비지니스 배경과 프로젝트의 성격을 이해합니다. 그리고 프로젝트에 가장 적합한 작업자를 선정 하여 고품질의 데이터를 빠르게 전달합니다.

차별화된 UI/UX

사용성을 높인 작업 툴과 각각의 Task에 최적화된 UI/UX 를 작업자들에게 제공하여 타사 대비 최대 44% 작업 및 검수 시간이 절감됩니다.

Our Partners

DataHunt Team

Taeheon Kim I CEO

Hahn & Company, Citigroup (NYC)

Sangwon Yang I PM

Naver, TNDN, Realtime worlds

Minki Kim I Lead Developer

ALand, Home Master, Hansem EUG

Hara Kang I Software Engineer

Kakao, Zoosk (San Francisco)

Hyejoo Lee I UI/UX Designer

Logispot, Johnson&Johnson (NYC)

Jinyoung Jang I Front-end Developer

Wordvice, I.B.M. (Seoul)

Suim Jang I Mobile Developer

Aroundus, DDcares

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