How to utilize the 2023 AI Voucher

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Byoungjoon Min
How to utilize the 2023 AI Voucher

Expectations are rising for the upcoming AI Voucher Support Project in 2023. The AI Voucher is a business that connects specialized companies with products and services to demanding companies that need AI products, services, and solutions.Small and medium-sized enterprises that cannot easily start an AI project are highly satisfied with the opportunity to introduce AI in a more reasonable way.

However, even if you are selected as a demand company for the AI voucher support project, how you utilize it depends on your choice. The type of supplier you choose will be important, and how you use AI strategically will also make a difference. The 2023 AI Voucher has been well-received, and now the question is how to fully utilize it.


2023 AI바우처 지원사업 어떻게 잘 활용할 수 있을까?


2023 AI Voucher, Advice for Data Purchasers


Myth 1. More data is always better.......


No. Inadequate data can bias models and lead to incorrect results during data processing. The less diverse and accurate the input data, the more obvious the limitations of the machine learning algorithm. In high-risk AI applications, such as finance, healthcare, and safety, it's especially important to get your data right from the model building stage.

You can design the perfect algorithm, but if your data is low-quality or inadequate, errors are bound to occur. The accumulation of errors in machine learning can lead to plummeting user confidence and, in severe cases, the need to revise the entire process. If you don't consider the quality of your data from the beginning of development, you're setting yourself up for a more costly outcome.


At DataHunt, we don't take "mistakes" lightly, starting with data validation. We have built99% accurate AI training datasets in various projects, and we train our models with customized data training just for you. We build accurate data sets according to the AI service the customer wants, ensuring a solid design from the start.

We understand that good quality data leads to good model performance, so we don't just feed data into AI and populate the project. We treat your business as if it were our own, which is why so many companies have trusted Datahunt to help them get started with AI services.


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2023 Tips for purchasing an AI voucher-enabled business model/solution


Myth 2. The most expensive model is the one with the best performance?


No. No matter how good the performance of machine learning is, it should be evaluated after passing more examples and similar examples through in-depth testing. However, the importance of such testing is often overlooked, leading to unnatural results in unexpected situations. In the past, experts have developed high-performing AI, but failed to explain why the model was able to make the judgments it did. This leads to users not trusting the model. In other words, no matter how good the AI is, if it's not fully utilized, no one will ever know if it's been properly trained. It's like buying an expensive computer and doing nothing with it except mine-sweeping.


DataHunt provides AI that can be customized to fit your business model. We don't use off-the-shelf models to provide a fit-and-forget service. We quickly and accurately process and learn from your data to provide customized AI models that are suitable for your business advancement. In other words, the modeling solution is customized to provide only what the customer needs without wasted features, and the model can be used to expand the service in the future. Models that claim to be universal may become obsolete as technology evolves, leading to a complete replacement of the service. DataHunt's customization model can be freely modified according to advanced technologies, so it can be used efficiently even when reorganizing and expanding services.


2023 AI바우처 지원사업 실패하지 않는 방법


2023 Consulting for companies that are new to the AI voucher


Myth 3. I've never used AI before, but I wonder if I'm just creating more work for myself.


According to IDC's' Korea Big Data and Analytics Market Outlook' report, the domestic data analytics market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 6.9% through2025. Various industries are looking to acquire more data and utilize it through AI. Nearly half of the 1,000+ large enterprises surveyed, 40.8%, said they are already using data analytics for business insights. If you add in those who plan to implement it in the next 12 months, that means about 70% are using data analytics or have specific plans to do so. Small and medium-sized enterprises responded with significantly lower numbers, but overall, it's becoming clear that many companies will use data analytics for business.


For SMBs looking to capitalize on AI and big data, it's essential to establish rules for data collection and other activities based on those rules. This is called "data governance." To create good data governance, you need to determine what level of data you want to keep and specify the R&Rs that will control it.Having detailed and precise rules for data management can pay dividends in the long run when it comes to leveraging your company's data assets, but it's often difficult for small and medium-sized businesses to consider due to staffing and budgetary constraints.



However, partnering with DataHunt to support the 2023 AI Voucher Program can make the process a little easier. Datahunt provides consulting from dedicated personnel to help you succeed in your business. In addition to providing customized data processing services for demand companies, we also meticulously consult from the design stage for a successful business, from the direction of model construction to the creation of an execution plan through collaboration. Demand companies can work together with suppliers to develop their own AI solution projects.

If you missed out on the 2023 AI Voucher, that's okay. Our expert engineers and consultants can help you design other paths, including data vouchers, as long as you're committed to bringing AI to your organization. Dedicated consulting for your organization, something all DataHunt clients enjoy.


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