5 Ways to Avoid 2023 Datavoucher Failure

How DataVoucher Preferred Providers are succeeding

Byoungjoon Min
5 Ways to Avoid 2023 Datavoucher Failure

Datahunt has been recognized as a data voucher supplier for four consecutive years since 2020. We have a dedicated team with the know-how to select 100+ companies according to the screening items and criteria of the datavoucher. In 2022, we were also selected as an official excellent supplier by the Korea Data VoucherIndustry Promotion Agency based on our experience. Data Hunt boasts unrivaled quality and technology with an accuracy rate of over 99%. We share the insights and vision of our dedicated team as we prepare for the 2023 datavoucher season.


Meet our datavoucher experts


We'd like to introduce you to the DataHunt Operations Avengers, the team that has come together to support the 2023 data voucher program. Hello, please introduce yourself briefly.


Donghwan Kim │ B2B Manager

I am a consultant specializing in data and have been in charge of data vouchers for 5 years. WhenI see companies with AI solutions that I used to work on going public, I realize that this market is getting bigger and bigger.


Byungjun Min │ B2B Leader

I am currently in charge of pre-sales and project management at DataHunt. I'm already in my 10th year of business.


Hwi Eun Kim │Operations Team

HwiEun Kim has been in charge of B2C IT companies, manufacturing, and technology companies.


Yoojin Choi │ B2B Manager

I'm Yoojin Choi, who has been in the data industry for 4 years.



What's new about the2023 datavoucher?


This year, the government has announced that it will actively support AI. What is different about this year's data voucher support program compared to last year?



Unlike the previous years, which were concentrated on general fields such as finance and administration and the development of AI source technologies, in 2023, the government will focus on applying AI to industry (AI internalization). The fields that have been supported in the past need practical plans to be applied to industrial sites quickly and increase business efficiency, and for new projects, we will give better evaluation to projects that can be used throughout the industrial ecosystem.


Government to increase AI-enabled companies from 1% to 30% - Foster 100 companies with global supply capacity (Source: ZDnet korea)



Various industries are adopting AI solutions after seeing the recent promotion of OpenAI and ChatGPT beta services, and he expects the demand for collecting source data and processing learning data to explode. However, since the data voucher budget has decreased, the competition rate will be higher.



Compared to 2022, the data voucher budget has decreased by about 28%. Nevertheless, the competition is expected to be higher this year than last year. So you'll need to apply more strategically than before to increase your chances of being selected.


As the popularity of the Eugene Data Voucher grows every year, it's natural for the competition to be higher than in previous years, but we've been preparing for the changes in advance, so we're confident that this year will go smoothly.


데이터헌트 고객성공팀
The Datahunt crew continues to work hard for the success of companies applying for datavoucher.


Requirements for DataVoucher


You mentioned that the competition has increased, so a more sophisticated and detailed strategy will be required.

What are the key conditions for a company to be selected for the data voucher program?



The uniqueness and innovation of the business, the specificity and feasibility of the business plan, and the possibility of utilization (indicators) are the most important factors when judging.



I think it's important to have a clear business purpose and direction, as well as how you plan to utilize the data you build and how you will apply it to the business you are running.



As others have said, I think it is very important to have a supplier with many years of know-how in order to build a useful data business. If you have a supplier that is dedicated to sales and operations with crews from government agencies and specialized companies related to data, I think it will play a very important role in increasing your competitiveness and selection rate.



Collaborating with an experienced vendor that understands the business of the military is very important. Datahunt has been participating in the data voucher project every year as a supplier and has been selected as a best practice, so we have a great advantage in increasing the selection rate during the collaboration process.



5 Tips for Successful Datavoucher Applications


In the datavoucher, which has become more intense due to the high competitionr ate, what are the strategies for demanding companies to avoid failure?


① Purposefulness and Direction - Strategy - Added Value



I think that the purpose of the data voucher project and the direction of the demanding company's business are determined by how much they match. If the demanding company's business plan matches the projects and items that the government has decided to foster/support, and the added value is clear, it can be evaluated well. In fact, I think that the demanding company I was previously in charge of had a high probability of being selected because it approached the above strategy.


② Understanding the AI industry - Utilization and marketability


Thinking, "Let's try AI!" is a shortcut to failure. If you look at the'Industrial AI Internalization Strategy' deliberated and confirmed by theMinistry of Trade, Industry and Energy, it is important to note that the topic of AI internalization in the industry is presented rather than securing AI source technology. If you consider the actual business of the demanding company to be efficient, used to innovate, and even to upgrade the industry itself, you can get a good evaluation. It's best if you have a plan that can be quickly adopted into the industry and increase productivity, such as streamlining processes or commercializing new technologies.


③ Specific and realizable plans



The Datavoucher Review Committee is composed of a small number of people, each of whom is an industry/data/management/accounting/legal expert. To convince them, you'll need to detail management efficiency metrics, accounting techniques, legal risks, a specific action plan for your industry, the role and importance of data for this, and finally, a clear definition of data and how to build it.

Each of the judges' areas of expertise will inevitably focus on different things, so you'll need to think about them first and make sure they're all addressed in your plan.


④ Originality and innovation



Looking at the recent selection results of government support projects, it seems that it is important to emphasize whether the business of the client company is new and innovative. For example, a business such as a recommendation model has already been applied to various services for a long time, so a new and innovative business plan for 2023 is required. Although the client company has already thought about it a lot, it would be good to consult with experts on AI and data to refine the business strategy.


⑤ Closely manage the implementation plan from presentation to selection



The Datavoucher Implementation Plan is a large document, so it is important to highlight important information. Once the document evaluation is completed, it is also very important to prepare a presentation that shows the core content. This is an area where the supplier's experts can greatly improve the odds of selection, rather than the demanding company doing it themselves. Everyone has the same amount of time to prepare and is being judged on the same criteria, so it's important to find a good partner.



Memorable datavoucher grant success stories


Veteran reps with their feet in social issues



I was preparing a service that predicts whether a person is infected with COVID-19 by sending a cough sound through an app. The biggest challenge was to minimize garbage data because the number of samples available was limited and the data would be used in the actual service.

We started by thinking about how to find and contact people with COVID-19, and since we were targeting patients, we were most concerned about how to reduce fatigue and increase participation in the project by collecting cough data. After a lot of planning and testing, we came up with the most optimized method and were able to successfully complete the project!

It was a project that required a lot of thought, but I remember enjoying the feeling of accomplishment that I contributed to solving a social issue.


I participated in a project to develop a service for the elderly who are marginalized in digital society. Through the data voucher support project, I felt that I made a small contribution to social issues in a rapidly changing world. It was a great sense of accomplishment to face a social problem and work together to solve it.


잘못된 데이터바우처 지원은 시간과 노력의 큰 손실이 생깁니다
Poor data could be a huge loss of time and effort


I remember the proud moment of success


I feel most proud when I see that the clients we worked with with Datavoucher are now running successful businesses in their respective fields, big or small.

It is said that the most important thing for a salesperson is sales performance, but I feel the most rewarding when I deliver high-quality data that is essential to the demanding companies and see them utilize it. I plan to approach this year's business with the same mindset.



If I had to pick one, there was a company that participated in an exhibition with data built through the data voucher business and had a great box office performance. The company succeeded in improving its service and was selected as an excellent company. It's very satisfying to see that.



Datahunt's advice to avoid failure


As a supplier, do you have any words of advice for demand companies preparing datavoucher?



If you are preparing for the data voucher business for the first time, I think you will be confused in many ways. DataHunt provides consulting services to help many demand companies understand the data voucher support business in depth and prepare well. You don't have to join us, so please feel free to contact us and wish you success.



2023 will be a year of great opportunities for AI adoption and data building, but it will also be a year of strict standards for data voucher support businesses.

In 2022, 90% of the demand companies that designated DataHunt as the number one supplier for the data voucher support project were selected for the project. I think that DataHunt has proven its ability to satisfy both the business innovation of demand companies and the performance of government projects. It is a strict time, so we will help you carefully. If this year is an important time for your business, you will not regret working with Datahunt.



We've been doing data voucher business since 2019, and I think there are about 40 clients that we've selected and completed business with. I'm already excited about what new clients we'll meet and do business with in 2023.


In particular, if you are new to the data voucher support business, I think you must be as worried and concerned as I was when I first became a data consultant."I don't know where to start because I don't have experience," "I'm preparing a business or service, and I want to support it through a data voucher," "I think I'm eligible, but I don't know what to connect," If you have these concerns, I recommend that you proceed with a data hunt that has a lot of experience in data vouchers. You'll need to put a lot of work into your application, and we'll prove it with results.



The Datavoucher Project is a government program that provides vouchers to early and mid-sized companies, small and medium-sized businesses, and budding entrepreneurs to purchase and process data. Datahunt has been selected as a supplier for four consecutive years since 2019, and was selected as a best practice in 2020, attracting attention from the data processing industry. Apply without failure with Datahunt's close consulting!


데이터헌트의 데이터바우처 1:1 밀착 지원과정
Datahunt's data voucher 1:1 close support process

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