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Sangsun Moon
Datavoucher | quatops

The 'Ocean Metaverse' being developed by startup Quatops aims to be a platform service that creates AI-based 3D modeled underwater creatures. Quatops planned to build 3D data to build a digital aquarium. However, when they were unable to find a suitable technology collaboration in Korea, they received a great opportunity through the data voucher support project. Through the data voucher, Quatops started their first business with Data Hunt, and the development of the Metaverse Aquarium has been going smoothly to date.

Data Voucher Support Program, Start with Data Hunt!

The Data Voucher Support Project is a government program that provides vouchers for data purchase and processing costs to early and mid-sized companies, small and medium-sized businesses, and budding entrepreneurs. DataHunt has been selected as a supplier for four consecutive years since 2019, and was selected as a best practice in 2020, garnering attention from the data processing industry. Check out some of the real-life examples of clients who have collaborated with DataHunt below.

Quatops talks about the success of the datavoucher support project

Hello, Mr. Lee. Could you give us a brief introduction of Quatops?

Quatops is the only marine digital twin & metaverse platform company in Korea. However, the digital aquarium business was already thriving overseas. At the time we were planning to change our business model, there were already about 100 aquariums around the world. However, fish objects that only show programmed and repeated movements are hard to keep consumers interested and entertained.

While looking for ways to add more colorful attractions to the digital aquarium, we were selected as a demand company for the data voucher support project. We used it to collect data on the actual movements of domestic fish species in the domestic marine environment, and through the 3D data construction project, we wanted to implement the actual movements of fish through AI.

까다로운 해양생물 3D모델링, 데이터바우처 통해서 해결했죠

Did you want to create a more realistic digital aquarium through datavoucher?

The first thing Quatops tried to do to create the 'Ocean Metaverse' was to find technicians. Finding the technical talent to make this happen domestically was not an easy task, so we first tried to cultivate an internal workforce by asking employees within the company to complete an IT crash course.

\An ornamental fish enthusiast creates a 'waterless aquarium' startup...
Go to the interview on the founding of 'Quatops' (Source:Maeil Business)

However, there were not many companies that could provide high-quality 3D asset data to complete the "ocean metaverse"that Quatops dreamed of. Even if there were, the level of technology was not satisfactory, so Quatops had a lot of worries.While searching for a reliable partner, Quatops and Datahunt met. The blueprint of the "ocean metaverse" began to become clearer, especially because DataHunt had a clear understanding of the AI model and 3D data construction business that Quatops wanted to create.

Consulting on the success of Datahunt's datavoucher application

How did you benefit from working with Datahunt on your data voucher project?

DataHunt was able to build 3D data of under water creatures, which is really tricky and difficult, and that was really helpful, because it allowed our AI model to learn about the marine ecosystem and the movement of underwater creatures. There are not many companies that have the technology to build 3D asset data in Korea, so it was a difficult model to implement unless you have really good AI people on Datahunt.

까다로운 3D모델링, 데이터바우처 통해서 해결했죠
3D modeling processed using real marine life data

Despite the time and workload of our business model, Data Hunt was very helpful and we enjoyed working with them. I was especially impressed that they tried to understand the AI model we wanted to implement as deeply as our engineers. They consulted on how to build the model and what data we needed for the model design, and laid the foundation for us to become what we are today.

데이터바우처 성공사례 - 각종 해양생물 모델링
Datavoucher Success Story - Modeling Various Marine Creatures

I'm curious about Datahunt's consulting process during the data voucher application process.

In order to be selected for the datavoucher project, Data Hunt sent us various consulting proposals. Among them, the keyword we emphasized was the 'digital twin' policy. We knew that our 3D dataset could be properly linked to the digital twin policy, and we thought that if we could include this in our report, we would have a very good chance of being selected for the data voucher project.

When choosing a datavoucher provider, you should check this out

I think many companies are struggling to choose a supplier for the data voucher support project. To choose a good supplier from the perspective of the demanding company, I think it is necessary to have detailed expertise in actual implementation, which is impossible without a deep understanding of the demanding company's business.

Data Hunt had a very good understanding of our business and AI model. They delivered competent results even though the data was difficult to implement. In addition, their many years of know-how helped us in the selection process for the data voucher support project. I think the combination of Quatops' clear business direction, Data Hunt's data processing skills, and consulting capabilities helped us successfully complete the datavoucher support project.We are finalizing our services with the goal of expanding not only in the domestic market but also globally. Once the construction of the 3D data service is completed, we plan to go global in earnest. The goal is to become an emerging company in the overseas market with 'AI-based digital aquarium'. The 3D data set, a joint venture with Datahunt, will live forever in the proud marine metaverse we created.

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