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Datahunt is a high-quality
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We helps AI leaders
build quality datasets.

I always look to Datahunt when I start a project.

The strength of Datahunt is that it provides quality data from well-trained data labelers and competent project managers.

Jeon, AI Researcher

I'm always pleased with the quality of the results.

I'm always pleased with not only the project design, but the quality we were able to achieve with AI-assisted labeling.

Ryu, AI Team Lead

Datahunt ensures quality and takes responsibility.

AI-powered automation, human cross-labeling, and secondary and tertiary verification resulted in more accurate and high-quality data.

Cho, AI Reseacher

Efficient communication was the key to success.

I was able to resolve various requirement modifications issues that arose during the project through efficient communication.

Park, Consultant

AI performance
depends on data quality.


99%의 Model-centricq 보다Data-centric 기반의 소수 1% 연구/개발 만이 성과를 만들어 오고 있습니다


저품질 데이터로 인해전체 AI의 15% 만이 실제 산업에적용되고 있습니다.


데이터 준비과정은 AI 라이프사이클에80%를 차지하며 실패할 경우많은 시간과 비용이 수반됩니다.


Only 1% of all AI is data-centric, not 99% model-centric, and that 1% is driving progress.


Only 15% of all AI is applied to real-world industries due to low-quality data.


80% of the AI lifecycle is data processing. If it fails, it's a huge waste of time and money.

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Increasing accuracy
and reducing burden.

Datahunt Human in the loophuman in the loop
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Real-time quality control with a SaaS platform.

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A customized process
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